Premiership shirts outsell Bundesliga in sponsorship stakes

FC Business reports that the top 20 clubs of the Premier League have reached an impressive £99.75 million total in their combined shirt sponsorship deals.

This is an increase from the £71.8 million of last year. The Bundesliga held the record last season. This record is a result of impressive contracts signed by individual clubs.

Liverpool – £20 million
Manchester United – £20 million
Chelsea – £13.8 million
Tottenham – £10 million
Manchester City - £7.5 million

There are also seven clubs with deals less than £1 million and this includes recently promoted West Bromwich Albion, which has a £750,000 deal with Homeserve. Wolverhampton Wanderers' £400,000 per annum contract is said to be the least value.

Among the deals with unchanged value contracts are Everton, West Ham and Birmingham.

A list of the least valued shirt sponsorship contracts includes:
Wolves – £400,000
Blackpool – £500,000
Birmingham City – £600,000
Wigan – £650,000

Alex Miller, who has conducted a study on the shirt sponsorship deals says, "You've got the really big earners and then the rest. For some of them, the amount they can command for shirt sponsorship is almost beer change, especially when compared with television revenues."

"It shows how successful the English top flight is when firms will pay such huge sums for their brands to be seen in stadiums and, crucially, on television around the world."
There is a great deal of reliance on gambling firms though and this is a cause for concern, reports euFootball.BIZ. "These companies appear to be coming in with fairly short-term deals with the aim of raising their profile quickly and then getting out. I don't think we'll be seeing any long-term partnerships as we did with, say, Liverpool and Carlsberg for example, added Miller."