Possible Rangers buyer Ellis responds to chairman criticism

Andrew Ellis has replied to Rangers chairman Alastair Johnston for complaining that he was taking "way too long" in completing his proposed takeover of the club.

Ellis is heading a consortium who are considering a reported £33million bid for the Ibrox club, who are about £30million in debt.

Johnston cast doubts on Ellis's ambitions after returning to his International Management Group base in Ohio, having recently spent six days in Scotland trying to find answers to questions about the future of the Govan club.

However, a puzzled Ellis told Press Association Sport that he "wasn't happy" about the Ibrox chairman's comments.

"I'm surprised to be honest, very surprised," Ellis said.

"I wasn't very happy when I learned of his comments and I think he is being unfair.

"I don't understand where he is coming from.

"I've never had a meeting arranged with Alastair Johnston and he has never requested a meeting with me.

"The club have my number but he has never phoned me.

"If I have offended him then I apologise and I apologise if it is taking longer than normal.

"It is taking time because there are an awful lot of things to go through.

"What you have to remember is that Rangers is a massive club, it is an institution.

"But the next time he is back in the United Kingdom then I will be happy to have a meeting with him."