PFA want fair hearing for banned players

Professional Footballers’ Australia chief executive Brendan Schwab has warned Football Federation Australia that it is in the wrong for not allowing suspended players to appeal.

Two players, Patricio Perez from Central Coast Mariners and Michael Baird from Perth Glory, were this week handed out two-match sanctions for simulating/diving during matches to win penalties for their team and although the PFA are against that part of the game, they believe the players should have the right to argue their suspensions.

''There's no right of appeal and we find that absolutely extraordinary,'' he said.

''We fail to understand why they have taken their position, given that all we are asking for is a hearing. There is absolutely no doubt that the AFL's system [where players in disputed cases get two chances to appeal] is a much better system. We hope the FFA comes to its senses.

''There is a great deal of emotion associated by being branded a diver, both with the fans and the players. We could have a situation come the preliminary final that a player has a grand final taken away from him without the opportunity of a hearing.

''We have supported the moves to address simulation within the A-League but we do have very real concerns with a system that does see players penalised without even having the opportunity of a hearing … it's a dangerous system that's going to rely solely on technology.

''The two players suspended will face a two-match ban, without even having the opportunity to present their case to an independent panel. We think that's a denial of natural justice. We think that it relies too much on the technology and we think that FFA should address that.''