Perth Glory’s Fowler sets record straight over Ferguson bust-up

Perth Glory recruit Robbie Fowler has set the record straight about his bust-up with head coach Ian Ferguson when the pair were at the North Queensland Fury last season.

The former Liverpool star and the ex-Rangers midfielder had a tiff last term when Fowler refused to play one match but he has since said it was made out to be more than it actually was and the fact the pair have reunited at Perth indicates there was nothing in it.

“We never had a problem and people just made mountains out of molehills," Fowler said.

"As a player or a man you always have fallings out, or not fallings out but you always have little arguments with anyone.

"It can happen in any walk of life, in any job.

"I'm quite a strong character and the manager at the time wanted to drop me and as a manger he's got every right to. I never had any qualms with that.

"It's just what I believed in and the way things panned out, I probably could have handled it a bit better.

"It was probably all down to me.

"As for Ian Ferguson, I've never had a problem with him."