Pavlyuchenko: My Spurs fight-back down to hard work

Roman Pavlyuchenko says his recent success at Tottenham is down to sheer hard work.

The Russia international has been Tottenham's most prolific striker in recent games, though he broke down with injury in yesterday's win at Stoke City.

Pavlyuchenko told Spurs TV Online: "It all comes down to work and it is only through work that you can achieve. When your spirits are down you should always look upwards and ahead.

"Then I got my chance and I wanted to capitalise on it as much as I could. I think that it is a normal situation that probably every player has found themselves in at least once in their career.

"Football is such a game that sometimes you are down and have to raise yourself and look forward. The main thing is not to give up and to look ahead, that is how it works out."