One year contract beckons for Portsmouth's Kanu

Nigeria captain Nwankwo Kanu is now ready for a 12 month deal at Portsmouth.

The 33-year-old striker signed a one-month deal last week because his existing contract had expired.

But Kanu told The Associated Press that a one-year contract is waiting to be signed.

"I didn't sign it (last week) because we had some issues that we had to thrash out and the club wanted me to play,'' said Kanu, who joined Portsmouth in 2006 on a free transfer from West Bromwich Albion. "The only way I could play was to give me a one month instead of one year, which I accepted.

"But right now everything has been solved so it's a one-year contract. I will sign it immediately. The deal has been done already it just needs signing and everything is OK again.''