Odemwingie: West Brom better than Lokomotiv Moscow

West Bromwich Albion striker Peter Odemwingie says he was sold by Lokomotiv Moscow for railing against management.

Odemwingie says he paid for voicing outspoken opinions in Moscow.

“Albion are definitely a better team and it’s all about the word ‘team’. We play as a team,” he said.

“Lokomotiv had a few talented players but a few years ago I foresaw the way it was going.

“They recruited a few players and I could see what was going to happen. They brought in a lot of individual players but we needed to mix them with team players.

“I said it was not going to work and they didn’t like me for saying it. I never hid my opinions and I really paid for it.

“I’m learning but maybe too late. I’m planning to change.”