North Queensland Fury chief calling Perth Glory’s bluff on Fowler

North Queensland Fury chief executive Rabieh Krayem believes the Perth Glory are playing mind games ahead of Friday night’s A-League Week 10 clash.

Krayem is of firm belief that new coach Ian Ferguson has only said striker Robbie Fowler will not play as to keep the Fury guessing and provide a bit of mystery and intrigue into the former skipper’s Dairy Farmers Stadium return.

"I won't believe Robbie Fowler's not here until the game," he told the Townsville Bulletin yesterday.

"Maybe it's a mind game, maybe they want to keep us guessing, maybe they don't want to attract the attention.

"I mean, Ian Ferguson's the (former) coach and Robbie Fowler's a former player (and) they're going to attract quite a bit of publicity returning to Townsville. . . obviously they are feeling the pressure they've just changed their coach today."

But Krayem admitted it would be very disappointing if Fowler was unable to return to Australia in time for the meeting against his old teammates.

"If he doesn't turn out I think it would be disappointing for the crowd I think everyone's looking forward to the game it would be disappointing," Krayem added.

"But I wouldn't rule it out that he doesn't just arrive on Friday.”