North Queensland Fury’s Hughes attempting to break down the language barrier

North Queensland Fury defender Mark Hughes admits it is tough trying to break down the language barriers.

The Englishman is attempting to form a brand new defensive partnership with Togo’s Eric Akoto at the Fury and although he admits at times it is tough, is well aware it is just a normal part of the world game.

"We're getting to know each other off the field and each other's personalities and it's good," Hughes told the Townsville Bulletin.

"It's quite hard sometimes with my language and Eric's language, so it's tough but we're professional footballers and that's what we get paid to do ... you just get on with it, it's life.

"We get paid to learn fast and hopefully we can not just do well together as a defence but defend well as a team.

"That's what football's all about ... you go through life playing different partnerships and combinations.”

And Hughes, preparing for his first professional season outside the UK, said things were tracking well ahead of the Fury’s opening league clash with the Perth Glory on August 6.

"We're looking to be a hard team to beat this year ... we want teams to know they've been in a game," he added.

"It's been good, we've done a lot of hard work on the field with the new manager and the way he wants to play.

"We're all just looking forward now to the season really getting started."