No urgency to appoint another Socceroos assistant – Osieck

Australian national team coach Holger Osieck insists there is no hurry to install a second assistant coach.

Olyroos coach Aurelio Vidmar is the current number two to Osieck as he continues to juggle the dual role but he feels there is not a huge importance to bring in somebody else just for the sake of it.

“There is no urgency to appoint anyone at all,” Osieck told Australian Football Weekly. “I’ve worked with Aurelio in the first two games and it worked out to be a very efficient partnership and I am really happy about how things went and don’t see any reason to rush.”

Former Gold Coast United number two Paul Okon assisted Vidmar on the recent Olyroos’ tour of Vietnam but Osieck wants to concentrate on the Australian playing group rather than thinking about tinkering the coaching staff at this point.

“First and foremost, I have to get a pool of players to work with and assistant coach is secondary because Aurelio is a very good fit for me right now.

“It’s logical that I’ll be conducting interviews because I will be appointing somebody who I have to work with, so I’ll talk with the respective person prior to making a decision.”