New York Red Bulls’ Robinson making the most of play-off qualification

New York Red Bulls midfielder Carl Robinson admits he is a bit excited ahead of his first MLS play-off series.

The 33-year old Welshman missed out on finals during his three years with Toronto FC but will amongst all the action for the Red Bulls when they take on San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday.

Robinson admitted that he was lucky to have been picked up by New York after Toronto discarded him but conceded that this sport is one you cannot predict.

“Football is a funny sport,” Robinson told “You have to expect the unexpected, the ups and the downs. There are good times, and there are times that you’d really rather not go through. This, however, is a good time.”

And Robinson admits that his passion and desire for the game have returned in recent times.

“My outlook has changed, completely,” Robinson added. “The hunger is back in me. Let’s get this season out of the way, have success here and then we can talk next year.

"I can tell you one thing though, I’ve enjoyed every minute here with this club. It has been – from the arena to management to the support to the club the lads on the training pitch – absolutely fantastic. The hunger is back.”