New York Red Bull set to miss out on transfer targets

New York Red Bull are set to miss out on two transfer targets according to head coach Hans Backe.

The club, who recently signed Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez from Barcelona, were hoping to add an unnamed midfielder as well as Notts County forward Luke Rodgers to their playing roster but it seems as though nothing will eventuate with either player.

"The guy we were talking about, we got no today from his club, so that will be at earliest January. That means that we stay with the roster we have now,'' said Backe. "He will not be in. I heard this morning.

"I think (we'll try in January), but you never know because other clubs will probably be interested in him when we couldn’t get him now, so you never know. But if we are lucky we probably will.

“I will talk to him (Rodgers) today; but this is the last day, and it's 4 o'clock or something like that (in England), so I can't see anything being done,'' Backe added. "So it has to be for January too.''