Middlesbrough striker McDonald in new swipe at Celtic boss Mowbray

Middlesbrough striker Scott McDonald has taken a swipe at his former Celtic boss Tony Mowbray.

McDonald questioned Mowbray's January signings last week and speaking with The Herald claims the Celtic players are frustrated by his tactical substitutions.

"I wasn’t necessarily not playing at Celtic,” he explained. “I think I only missed a couple of games. But it was becoming more and more frustrating that I wasn’t getting enough time on the park. That did concern me a lot. It was something which we spoke about, and in the end both parties agreed it would be good for me to move on.

“I think the explanation is there for everyone to see still.Even with me not at the club, Tony Mowbray likes to make changes at that period in game, for reasons unknown to players.

“It was not something I was completely happy about... but, he’s the boss and, accordingly, he does what he sees as right. You’re not always going to agree with it, though.”

McDonald believes his move to Boro paved the way for Celtic to land on-loan Tottenham star Robbie Keane.

“Would Robbie Keane have come through the door if I’d not left? That’s the question,” he mused. “I think the money they got for me obviously helped that deal go through. It certainly made sure I was forgotten about very quickly.”