McGarry slams ex-Motherwell boss Gannon after signing Perth Glory deal

Steven McGarry signed with Perth Glory this week and immediately turned on his former Motherwell manager Jim Gannon.

The ex-Motherwell midfielder wouldn't have minded being told he wasn't good enough in the Irishman's opinion. In fact, that's what he wanted after being shunned all season.

But McGarry insists Gannon didn't have the guts to tell him to his face. Instead, he resorted to pinning notices on the dressing-room wall with his name on a list of players to train with the kids.

He told the Daily Record: "The way he treated people, spoke to people and spoke about other people was bang out of order.

"I thought he was a very decent coach and manager, he knew his stuff football-wise. But the other side of Gannon let him down. There were a few of us not featuring like myself, Keith and Stephen. It was clear where I stood because I didn't play one minute of SPL football under him.

"He made me train with the youth team and the way he went about his business was pretty shocking. I just didn't like the way he treated people. If someone doesn't fancy me as a footballer I can handle that, it's happened to me before.

"I don't know why he took a dislike to me as I played in the first four Europa League games.

"He didn't like my personality. I'm a bit of a character in the dressing-room and like to have a laugh. I train hard and play hard but I like to have a carry-on with the boys at the right time.

"I don't think he liked that side of me. I went to see him several times and he told me I was part of his plans. That was a blatant lie - he was just covering his own back.

"He didn't have the guts to tell me to my face that I was to train with the youth team.

"Instead he started putting up notices in the dressing-room of who was training where.

"My name was next to the appren-tices and I was to report to Gordon Young. I went to tell him I was a professional footballer so I thought I should be training along with the first team. I wanted a reason but he didn't have one. He said there were too many training with the first team but that was a lie as well.

"He couldn't tell me to my face. If he had done, I'd have handled that. I wanted him to say 'Steven, you're not in my plans' but he wasn't brave enough."