McDonald admits Celtic stay may not be his decision

Celtic striker Scott McDonald says he wants to stay at Celtic, admitting however that his future in Scotland might not entirely be his choice.

Championship club Middlesbrough are reportedly interested in the Australian international and a proposed loan move to Wigan did not materialise during the summer.

McDonald has gone on to be Celtic’s top goal-scorer in the Scottish Premier League this season, netting eight times.

"It's always nice when people want you,” McDonald told the Scottish Sun. "But I've said all along I want to be here and that has not changed.

"Ultimately, it's up to other people to decide. But I've always said if I get to spend the rest of my career at Celtic then I must have done something right.

"If that happens I'll have had a great career. That's all I'm looking at."

However, McDonald also expressed his frustration at having been replaced on the hour-mark of his side’s last two league matches.

"I don't think any player likes playing for only 60 minutes but it's not my team. I'm not going to be happy playing 60 minutes when there's another 30 minutes in which to get goals.

"If that's a bad thing then someone better come and tell me because I don't believe it is. I will continue to be that way, simple as that.

"I am a winner and a goal-scorer and that's what I want to do. If I am not playing well then that's fine, I understand.

"There are times when you feel you are playing well and get taken off. I'm always going to question it.

"When I am having a bad game, I know it's time to come off. You know there is other quality there to come on and do a job.

"It's time for the other guy to come and prove he is worth a place in the team. If he does well, scores goals and takes your place then you just have to take your hat off to him and work harder to try and get back in."