Man City captain Tevez warns Mancini: I will not be silenced

Manchester City captain Carlos Tevez says he'll continue to be outspoken.

Tevez is adamant there is no way he will stay silent when he thinks things are going wrong.

Tevez said: “It is normal that I would have a difference of opinion with a coach because footballers always have that.

“This has happened to me a few times, in Boca Juniors, Corinthians, West Ham and Manchester United.

“But I am a professional and these things always need to be solved internally. Mancini has a do I.”

A source close to Tevez added: “Carlos has no intention of having a showdown with the manager because as far as he’s concerned, what happened on Sunday is history.

“But he also feels as captain, he has a right to speak up when he thinks the time is right.

“If the manager decides to adopt a more defensive approach, then fine, Carlos will do as he is told and always give everything on the pitch.

“But at the same time, he can’t be expected to go out there and give everything and be so committed, and then stay silent and be a shrinking violet off the has gone, he doesn’t just think the team can break into the top four, he actually thinks they can go for the title.

“That is why he is so passionate about it, and why he will continue speaking up if he feels something needs to be said.”

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