Liverpool's Carragher relaxed over signing of youngsters

Jamie Carragher has no problems with scouting youngsters from abroad - as long as it is done within the rules.

Carragher feels it is up to the governing bodies to define what is allowed and what is breaking the rules.

"As long as the clubs aren't breaking the rules, there's not a lot that you can say," he told Sky Sports News.

"Those are the rules and if you can get players from abroad very cheap who are very good then you can't say no if you think it's going to improve your first-team in the future.

"But as long as the clubs aren't breaking the rules. I think it's up to Fifa or Uefa if they want to change the rules but as long as the clubs can hold their heads up high and know that they've done nothing wrong then that's the main thing."

The Reds star also praised the youth set-up at Anfield, and said the Scouse core of the team that Liverpool currently have will always continue.

"The more people you bring in will obviously make it a little more difficult but I think the spirit and the quality that we've got at Liverpool, I'm sure it will come through in the end," he added.

"We've got it now (a Scouse core). I think hopefully so, we've still got it at the moment. Hopefully for a few more years and when me and Stevie finish, there'll be more coming through."

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