Liverpool defender Carragher urging Hull to rattle Man Utd

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher is urging Hull City to rattle Premier League leaders Manchester United this weekend.

He said: "We have been on a great run of form recently and Saturday's performance at Hull, despite winning 3-1, was probably the worst we have played in a long time to be honest.

"Credit to Hull, though, they competed really well and caused us quite a few problems and we were just delighted to get the result in the end.

"Good luck to them, we just hope they do the same when they play Manchester United at the end of the season.

"They were not really the kind of conditions you want to be playing in when it is warm, because the pitch was really sticky and the grass was long so we couldn't really get our passing going.

"But obviously they did that because it gives them more chance of making a game of it and, like I said, good luck to them.

"If they keep going like that I am sure they will do well and hopefully we can take the title race to the last game, because it won't be easy for United to go there just as it wasn't for us at Hull."