Liverpool defender Carragher can't believe Johnson critics

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher can't believe the England critics of teammate Glen Johnson.

Carra told TalkSport: “Well he’s been Liverpool’s best player. I mean we have only played four games but he’s been our best player this year, up to now anyway. He’s scored a couple of goals. He’s doing that great. The last game I think they were a little bit harsh because he couldn’t stop a cross out wide, but you are not going to stop every cross coming in as a full-back.

"To be honest, I used to play full-back and I used to get criticism for not getting forward and people say ‘you are a great defender but you don’t get forward’ and all these attacking full-backs, people say they can’t defend but if you have the two of them together you’ve got Paolo Maldini so I think it’s very difficult to do both.

"But if you can do both, you are the best in the world. I think the modern full-back now is judged on how many crosses he gets in rather than how many stops. Now that’s just the way the game is going. Full-backs are now seen as more attackers than defenders really.”

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