Lennon will not take possible Celtic rejection too hard

Neil Lennon insists he will not be devastated if he fails to land the job as Celtic boss.

The interim Hoops chief will discover his future following Sunday's final Clydesdale Bank Premier League game against Hearts at Tynecastle, where victory will extend the Parkhead side's winning run in the SPL to eight games.

The Irishman is keen to be appointed on a permanent basis but asked what his feelings would be if Celtic's owner Dermot Desmond said no, Lennon replied: "I am prepared for that, I am comfortable with it.

"Everyone is saying it would be devastating. It won't. It's football and I have had highs and lows as a player.

"Very early in what you would deem my managerial career, I had a huge low (losing to Ross County) and came through that okay.

"So it won't be a devastating blow, but it will be a disappointment, yes.

"I haven't spoken to Dermot about it yet, I will probably speak to him after the game."

Lennon continued: "The way I look at it, you might not get that opportunity again so you have to take it and if I crash and burn, I crash and burn on my own merits.

"But again, I am pretty positive about things.

"I know there are pitfalls and I know there are other outside influences that can have a negative effect.

"So I'm well aware of the dangers, not to my health but my career but I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't take it.

"Football changes and who knows, four years down the line I might not want the job or have my eyes on something else, I don't know.

"I think you live in the present and if I get offered job, I will have to take it."