Lega Calcio push to have FIGC imports ruling suspended

Lega Calcio President Maurizio Beretta has called for FIGC's import reduction ruling to be suspended.

Last week the FIGC caused shockwaves when it announced that Serie A clubs would only be able to sign one new non-EU player per season rather than two.

“In the last meeting there was meant to be a generic discussion on the future, but the Federation wanted to force through this rule,” complained Beretta on Radio Uno.

“We do not share this ruling, especially in the way it was adopted. You can’t change rules during a transfer window with no warning, as this risks damaging the Serie A clubs.

“This also hurts the image and economy of Italian football. I hope the FIGC will reconsider, even if that is difficult.

“The only effect this law will have is robbing Serie A of seeing some more champions in its ranks. Competition is healthier than a lockdown.”

The Lega Calcio is a union of all the Serie A clubs.