Interim North Queensland Fury boss Fraser wants to tighten spending

Interim North Queensland Fury chief Archie Fraser will make sure the club tightens its spending before his tenure ends.

Fraser is in charge of the Football Federation Australia-owned club for the time being and wants them to curb their random spending ways that saw them bring in trialists at various stages throughout their debut season in which they lost almost $6million.

''There was a lot of money spent here last year and wasted, by trialling people and bringing people in here,'' Fraser told the Townsville Bulletin.

''And if we can free that money up and divert that into playing, we'll get pretty close to the cap.

''We've just got to manage it well. We don't want to be rushing it and doing things that don't get a return on investment.

''Look, it's a long way to go yet, we've opened the jigsaw puzzle, we've put the pieces on the table and we've probably put the corners together and we're starting to put the middle together.''

Fraser added that the future for the Fury looks good, despite the fiscal situation, as many players have expressed interest in making Townsville their temporary home.

''Let me assure you that there are literally hundreds of players who are interested in coming to the Fury,'' he added.

''I'm surprised at the amount of returning Australians and also the amount of local players that want to come and play here.''