Inter Milan boss Mourinho: Derby not decisive

Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho doesn't believe tonight's derby will be decisive.

Inter go into their clash with AC Milan viewed as outsiders.

Mourinho says: “Maybe Milan played with a different football philosophy than the one they have now, while we haven’t changed much.

“The Rossoneri did well to create a protection for Leonardo during difficult times, so both the club and Coach showed great maturity.

“It’s Inter-Milan, the derby, and that means it is a separate game from everything else where it doesn’t matter who is the favourite or playing better. It is a match without logic.

“It won’t be decisive, though, as it is still too early into the campaign. In any case, I want the victory.”

Ronaldinho is on particularly sparkling form, but Mourinho would not entertain questions of which player he ‘feared’ the most.

“I do not fear anyone or anything. I do my work and that is all. I am happy that Ronaldinho is doing well, but obviously with a team that receives 10 penalties it’s only normal he has scored so many goals.”