FFA chief Buckley – Important to expand A-League

Football Federation Australia chief Ben Buckley says it is important for the A-League to expand despite some clubs coming under financial strain.

With Adelaide United and the Queensland Roar experiencing financial difficulties, Buckley said the federation planned to continue to expand the competition to further progress the game around the whole country.

"Strategically we think it is important to expand to 12 teams. We think there's a demand from the football public and an important way of growing the presence of elite football across the country," he said.

"We have still got to attract investors and we are very close to that situation in Melbourne and we have another number of proposals on foot for another team either in the ACT or NSW."

Buckley said there were also plans to step in and ensure that both Adelaide and Queensland will be sustainable clubs.

"We'll do that with both Queensland and Adelaide if required and it looks like it will be. We anticipate it will only be for a temporary period and then we'll look to attract new investors into the club."