Ferguson delighted North Queensland Fury in playoff contention

North Queensland Fury boss Ian Ferguson is delighted they're in playoff contention.

With so many first-team players hampered by injury in the Fury's inaugural season and three ruled out for the entire campaign, Ferguson is just delighted to be in contention.

''If somebody said to me (before the season), 'You are going to go into the new year two points off fifth and sixth place and you've got a chance to make the top six over the next six games, would you take it?' Yeah, definitely,'' he said.

''Considering the problems we've had, and I don't like making excuses, but when you consider some of the first-team players who are out, it's been a huge testament to the boys who we've got, who have hung in there and performed to a good standard.

''For most of the season we've performed quite well. I've always said I'd like us to be competitive and I think we have been, I don't think we've let the club down in that department ... it's been a fantastic effort.''