FA sponsors begin to fall by the wayside

The Football Association will have to find a sponsor to replace National Express as the company has confirmed that it will not be renewing its multi-million pound deal, reports euFootball.BIZ

National Express's chief executive Dean Finch said "We will not be renewing it. We are better focused elsewhere. I am not compelled by the impact of that sponsorship."

The deal was signed by his predecessor Richard Bowker, who resigned earlier.

The FA may be able to keep some parts of the deal in relation to the Wembley Stadium. National Express and FA entered their partnership in 2007.

This news comes on top on other sponsorship issues that the football governing body is contending with currently.

FA Cup's main sponsor E.ON has opted not to extend or renew its £7.5 million-a-year deal when it ends after the May final.

Negotiations with Nationwide, the lead England sponsor, are also stalled, with the financial giants unwilling to agree to a demand for an increased price.