Domenech slams AC Milan boss Ancelotti over Gourcuff criticism

France coach Raymond Domenech has blasted AC Milan boss Carlo Ancelotti for questioning Yoann Gourcuff's mental toughness.

This week Ancelotti commented that Gourcuff was “very talented, but weak psychologically.” This statement prompted a furious response from Domenech.

“Gourcuff is 22 years old and is still improving, so what Ancelotti says is meaningless,” Domenech told So Foot.

“It is a serious accusation and in a certain sense a dishonest one, too. But when I first read Ancelotti’s comments, I was happy.

“A player who gets torn apart by a Coach this way cannot help but get motivated. Ancelotti judged him during a time when he was not yet mature, but if Milan signed him then he can’t have been that bad.”