McSheffrey won't crumble against Birmingham boo-boys

Gary McSheffrey refuses to let the Birmingham City boo-boys get to him.

"If I start crumbling because a few fans get on my back at St Andrews, then I'm really a weak person," he said.

"I won't let that affect me because, if you score a couple of goals, then you're a hero again and loved again. You can hear them, of course you can. You are a human being. But you've just got to rise above them and be stronger than them."

He added: "I'm a fan when I sit in the stands at Coventry - but I've also tended to look at it from a players' point of view as well.

"Players can be heroes one minute, villains the next. Fans pay their money so they're entitled to have a moan if they feel that someone should be scoring a goal or doing something that they're not."