McLeish won't walk away from Birmingham

Alex McLeish won't walk away from Birmingham City if they fail to beat the drop on Sunday.

He said: "When I came, the short-term goal, the outcome for me, was for us to be in the Premier League at the end of the season. And I want to be a Premier League manager with this club.

"But there has also got to be a long-term vision as well. Until I am able to build a team myself, I would like to be judged then and that cannot happen overnight.

"I have been here five months, I have brought three players in. I think they have enhanced the squad. Of course we are not in the position I, nor anybody else, would have liked us to be in.

"But we still have a chance on Sunday, nothing has been settled and you have to believe. If you do get knocked down, then it's about how you get back up. I've said before that I want to make Birmingham a bona-fide Premier League team, not a yo-yo club going between the divisions all the time.

"I came here for the long term and nothing will change that."