Gold: Everyone at Birmingham waiting for Yeung news

Birmingham City chairman David Gold admits everyone at the club are waiting for information from prospective new owner Carson Yeung.

He told the Birmingham Mail: "The last meeting we had with Mr Yeung and the Chinese was very amicable and we were led to believe they were happy to keep Steve, Karren, myself and David Sullivan in place.

"I would be happy to stay, whether in some sort of ambassadorial position, maybe chairman of the football club with Mr Yeung chairman of the board, that kind of idea.

"Now what's happened with Steve's contract, I'm not so sure what the situation is. There will be a meeting later this week when the picture should become a lot clearer.

"We need to know what Mr Yeung's intentions are and we have stressed to him that such uncertainty does not help our aim of trying to survive in the Premier League."