France striker Henry criticises ref after Holland defeat

Thierry Henry has hit out at referee Herbert Fandel for his failure to award France a penalty during Fridays 4-1 defeat to Holland.

The Dutch ran out 4-1 winners, but the scoreline does not tell the whole story.

A pivotal moment in the match came on 50 minutes, with the Dutch 1-0 ahead, as Henry drove a shot on goal which was blocked by Andre Ooijer.

Henry and his team-mates turned to Fandel in protest and replays clearly showed Ooijer blocking the ball with his hand.

Ooijer has admitted it was a clear handball and Henry has pointed the finger of blame at Fandel.

"It is difficult to accept it," said Henry. "I saw the ball hit Ooijer on the hand.

"It was a certain penalty and a red card, but the officials saw it differently."

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