Celtic's Hartley urges Scotland to reign in hype

"We must not get carried away," Hartley pleaded. "We know the media will and maybe the public as well. I know that can happen and you expect it to happen but, as players, we know we have three hard games left in the group.

"The nation will definitely get very excited in the week counting down to the Ukraine visit. Scotland have not been at a major tournament for a decade. Everybody will be looking forward to it but we will have to stay focused."

The former Hearts man continued: "Some people might even think if we beat Ukraine we will be nearly there but we will have to be more cautious in our approach.

"There was a lot of pressure on us against Lithuania at Hampden but we knew the importance of that one. People spoke about the performance not being great but at this stage it is all about results and points. It will be a pressure-cooker occasion against Ukraine but we've just come through two of those."