Birmingham boss Eck explains Kilkenny sale

"On Neil Kilkenny, in terms of hearsay and homework, I know he's a good young talent and good with the ball and that.

"And I want my players here to have ability on the ball, no doubt about it. But, again, with the people I am determined to bring in, he would have been down the pecking order.

The Australia U23 international said it was right that he left.

"I've nothing against the manager or the coaching staff," he said.

"He gave me a call when I was at Oldham [on loan] and said I could come back but he couldn't guarantee that I would play, or I could look to go.

"I said I'd look to go. I respect him for being so honest and straightforward. I would have loved to have stayed at Birmingham, but I want regular first-team football."