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Well here is some more facts you goose:
Real Madrid’s cantera seems to be producing talent just as capable, if not more so than, then the highly esteemed Barcelona cantera, based on the recent call up sheet for the Spain u-18 squad competing in the Atlantic Cup (virtually the u-18 Euro Championship). No less than 6 Real Madrid youngsters (Daniel Carvajal Ramos, Alejandro Fernández Iglesias “Alex”, Pablo Sarabia García, Rubén Sobrino Pozuelo y Álvaro Morata Martín) were selected for the squad, with Barcelona only supplying 1 player (Sergi Gomez Sola). The list also includes well known promises such as Kevin (Real Zaragoza), Isco (Valencia) and Luis Alberto Romero (Sevilla) to name a few, with Espanyol providing three players and a whole host of teams providing a single player.

My question is whether or not national team call ups is an accurate measure of the health of a youth academy or not. I could pull up other lists from various youth teams and Barcelona may have more players than Real, so I suppose its arbitrary to say one is better then the other based off just call ups. But I do think that having players called up is an important barometer of a cantera’s quality, and as usual Real and Barcelona supply a good amount of players, although Espanyol always has a decent amount of players as well.

You cant just sit there and say that Real Madrid has no quality in its Youth program, thats hypocrisy at its finest which seems to be a Farca quality these days. You aslo cannot go back into the immediate history and throw 6 tropheys around, we only started spending this year and this year is not over. Farca has been the best club side in world football for 18 months, however, you dont have the history, culture or spending power to match Real in the long term and now its showing. We have played poorly all year and yet we are ahead of you with a better run home. Hypocrocy is clouding your judgement Farca Fool and you better lift your game if you are to keep capitalising on the mammoth amounts of money you have spent like we will. Almeria??? cmon


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