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um, Rooney gets paid 75k/week MORE than Ronaldo, so would be saving money as well as getting a more consistent and prolific goal scorer!

re Gill said Rooney not for sale - that was BEFORE the Ronaldo scandal arose, and he was saying not for sale RIGHT NOW - doesn't mean in jan or end of season!!

and Rooney DOES NOT have a say in whether the club sells him or not - that's why fergie and Gill signed him to a VERY LONG contract, so that THEY OWN him and he leaves when THEY say so!!

totally agree that Ronaldo will return to United in Rooney swap/cash deal!! ... said it when the whole Rooney scandal arose, when he threatened to leave for city on a 'free'' and then held the club to ransom for his MASSIVE wages bump!! ... and said it again just recently (before this article) ... that way:

1. it WON'T cost the club much in transfer fee (possibly as little as 10m net);
2. club still recoups massive transfer fee for Rooney BEFORE his weight/fitness become more of an issue (Fergie has already confirmed he was ALWAYS aware that Rooney would face weight/fitness problem in his late 20's);
3. Fergie solves dilemma about which strikers to chose b/w RVP/Kagawa/Rooney, etc;
4. Fergie solves left wing dilemma caused by Nani's inconsistency / Young's propensity to injury, then inconsistency after returning;
5. Fergie adds ANOTHER prolific goal scorer to reinforce his commitment that United WILL NEVER lose on goal difference again!
6. Rooney already getting paid 75K/week MORE than Ronaldo, so actually SAVING MONEY on wages bill!
7. this will give Fergie a starting line up of RVP, Ronaldo, Kagawa, Valencia in attack, with Scoles, Carrick in behind them in midfield - a strike force that will worry EVERY CLUB - in UK or Europe!!!!


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