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BLAUGRANA get a life you miserable son of a beach .... the opposition are not there for Barca to exhibit their skills and lay down and die. The counter attack for Drogba's goal at Stamford Bridge was swift and decisive unlike Barca's 500 passes to create a shot. How you cannot give credit for the quality of Ramires goal both in the defence splitting pass by Lampard and the exqusite finish. Torres read the situation perfectly and kept his cool. as for your ''WTF is wrong with Messi and the team'' comment it shows what a total A-hole you really are 55 goals by Messi what the hell else is he supposed to do? ''we need new forwards'' you have one is injured (Villa) there is Affely, Sanchez etc. BARCA do not have a devine right to win and its not the duty of opponents to lie down and die. Every team starts with a Defence,Midfield and Forward there is a reason for the defence get yourselves one. Just like v Real Barca's arrogance of underestimating the opposition left them open to counters. An opponents only duty is to Beat Barca. As for the ANTIfootball comment when we beat you 4-2 there was no anti football destroying Barca with quick fast passing counter(I know i was there)which is er what Barca try to do. Alves,Pedro,Busquets,Sanchez, are amongst the biggest diving cheats in football and thats what most believe and yet Barca had the nerve to gripe about Drogba. The whole of your team are teh experts in harressing officials into sending Off opposition players so much for the respect rules. And teh crowd are scum. Its not the keepers job to get the ball from behind the goal so why did the ref react to the crowd and book him? nonsense idiot. Just because you play pretty football does not make you FOOTBALL your the snideist biggest cheats going thats anti-football you have no devine right to winning. Oh and by the way had Messi scored the penalty there is no saying Torres still wouldn't of scored so even 3-2 wouldnt be enough. Remember when Inesta scored the late equaliser and even an ass like you knows we were robbed that night despite 74% possesion that was your only shot on target pretty passing guarentees nothing that night Valdes was the more busy keeper so please take your anti football and shove it up your anal passage moron. Oh and by the way wether we win the CL or not we ended your reign so justice was done for 3 years ago. Enjoy watching Real and the special one picking up the Spanich championship I will a coach who has achieved titles in all 3 major leagues and Portugal too Pep will never achieve that.


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