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DOG tania >> don't be ashamed of who you are => you ARE far more like the DOG I showed > but always remember it's NOT the size of the DOG in the fight...>IT'S the size of the fight in the DOG.---I know you like to keep all your lying for when you're defending your filthy religion(to which you need LOTS)~but we both know that declaring ME as the WINNER would have been the most HONEST&DECENT thing you had ever done in your fukkin life.---I won't need a rocket to locate YOU DOG tan> but I've bought myself a DIGGER = and I had to make sure it was big enough to find YOU... = HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~you're so far BENEATH me that it will be tougher trying to locate you than finding that Terr0rist fuckk BIN laden(ANOTHER of your IDOLS you crazy DOG fuckk)=hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
%%%_________________________The Rightful End___________________________%%%


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