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DOG tania >> post #101 I give you credits > that was fukkin funny :D but THAT BEAST in no way resembles YOU DOG...
THIS is more like YOU > = a little harmless fuckker.---you don't get scholarships by talking sh!t DOG > no matter HOW MUCH you write > sh!t is still sh!t.---I knew post #100 was very important to you DOG - and that's why I let you have it >> I could have been a real b@stard and posted it=hahahaha~but although I'll NEVER truly understand what it's like to deal with a MACHINE like ME>>>I can appreciate how difficult it must be~that's why I like to leave you with little crumbs of comfort tanny babe.---you just couldn't bring yourself to declare ME as the WINNER~~~ - although I din't really expect you to.---that's the trouble when dealing with really SAD Losers => they never KNOW or ADMIT when they're well and truly BEATEN.---I've delivered 25 KNOCKOUT blows to you in here DOG = I kept KNOCKING your SLOBBERING head on the floor and you kept getting up and putting it back in front of me to SMACK you back down again.---I wish I could teach you how to become a gracious Loser DOG > BUT I've NEVER had ANY practice=hahahahahaha~I've NEVER been beaten by ANYTHING or ANYONE in my life.---it's never a total LOSS for you when I'm SMACKING you all over the place DOG tania => 1(one) always learns and becomes a little bit better each time they face a SUPERIOR rival > and they don't get any SUPERIOR than I to U tanny babe = Salud%%%


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