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Manchester United Regal summer 8 into 6 balls challenge 38 years record has not a fantasy

West Brom must now become Rooney's most loved one of the opponents. Last season at the hawthorns, Rooney wear nike soccer cleats had breached the Albion 's goal was scored, Rooney broke down in the Manchester United for 9 months of war of movement of goals. This time, Rooney was at the hawthorns for scoring, scoring the team new season and his first league goal.
In the middle of England bright sunshine, Rooney summer hair effect obviously, thick hair has faster than captain Nemanja. Just past the holiday season, United's No. 10 has been fully rest, he and his wife Colleen to the Caribbean Sea, then returned to England to Glass to Glastonbury festival. Finally, Rooney wear nike total90 laser on the southern coast of France to end the long holidays, rest for a month.
Farewell to injuries and fatigue, a full of energy Rooney appeared at the hawthorns, the power from the start to be the embodiment of perfection. In thirteenth minutes, Ashley young wear nike mercurial victory left back before the restricted area, Rooney takes the ball and a front crossed out in front of him sharner, into the box, Rooney appears very inspired with Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly ii, left reverse pumping the far corner, shot power is not big, but polar angles of Diao, Forster stretch did not prevent fly into a dead ball.
From 2010 April to 2011 January, Rooney has up to 9 months to Manchester United made competitive goal, on the season for Rooney wear nike mercurial vapor iii was a nightmare. He only in 40 matches scoring 16 goals, he joined the Reds in 2004 after the season the fewest goals. But this summer 's Community Shield 7 warm-up match, Rooney completed 5 of 2 passes to shoot. The new league season opener, Rooney wear nike ctr360 elite immediately obtain the goal, that is to say in United's 8 official matches and warm-up match, Rooney had already scored 6 goals. There never was a perfect start to the season, not the world cup 's distress, and no injuries, after the baptism of the summer sun, 25 year old Rooney put on nike indoor soccer shoes looked back to his peak.
The goal will be Rooney's enthusiasm lit at the hawthorns, he becomes unstoppable. In fifteenth minutes, Rooney to a tank general rushed to West Brom before the restricted area before anger to shoot, the ball with a cross beam flying stands, shot its rapid rate, makes the ringside Ferguson clenched fist shouted " Oh --!" But then the team will show the state of Rooney. In twenty-second minutes, Rooney  like nike tiempo fg ball, radical, he gave the ball to the right side of the penalty area inserts high speed Welbeck, Welbeck back to the top of the arc before Rooney, Rooney ball to the left side of the penalty area by Nani, but Nani wear adidas f50 adizero faced Forster will hit a fly. The attack had to be reminiscent of Nani in the Community Shield scored his first goal, but was to team with Rooney, Nani and cleverly, but Rooney is still the connecting core point. messi f50
In 10 Rooney, although in the forward line to partner with Welbeck, but he has significance not only for Manchester United striker. Now Rooney wear  adidas adipure iv is more like a real number 10, is not only offense terminator, is more offensive organizer. In the game he had 44 passing rate reached 86.3%, in place of high. In the United Front in 6 players, Rooney wear adidas predator absolado x ranked third in the number of passes, but his pass to create 2 chances, but united in the first row. Low loss has high efficiency, which is now the state of Rooney.
In thirty-sixth minutes, Rooney left the back door, cleverly keep up with the shot did not hit. In fifty-fourth minutes, Ashley wear nike5 zoom t-5 - raising any balls in the box, Rooney header rubs off. In eighty-sixth minutes, sharner from behind Rooney was booked to play the ankle. From the forecourt assists teammates, to the door header Qiangdian, then to the midfield retracement get-away, so full of Rooney, called Ferguson I don't love.
Despite the Manchester United and England core, but this season's Rooney, is likely to usher in a new transformation. The goal against West Brom, Rooney in United's 103rd league goals, distance soccer cleats Club League scorer history tenth Tommy Taylor, only 9 balls, into the top 10 on the list is just a matter of time. If considering that Rooney is only 25 years old, he broke authentic jerseys Bobby Charlton has maintained 38 years 199 ball United League scoring record, it is not possible.
Of course, for Rooney personally the most important, may still be a golden globe award. Contemporary with Rooney, Messi, Kaka C Luo ( micro-blog
Messi: 10511666 people audience
+ to have to listen to the latest news in August 6, 2011 13 : 17H He actualizado Mi blog. / my blog updated: the new season competition will be very fierce, just a few days, we have two encounters with Real Madrid, then Spain will open big screen, in addition to Oporto and the Super Cup war. have been awarded this prize, Rooney alone. If you want to Golden Globe Award criteria to judge, against West Brom goals will become the most basic requirements, he will also need this kind of form continued into the Champions League, led united to get on the European summit, like the 2007-08 season C Luo do.


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