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As a Spaniard (well my dad is spanish so i support Spain) and being a real madrid fan @ the same time can be quite frustrating. All spanish real madrid fans r irritated that we do not use castilla as much as we should. I encourage Juanfran+Juan Carlos being sold. They were born in 1988 + 1990. Joselu is pretty solid(born in 1990) i would not be happy or angry if he was sold. Morata + Sarabia r both born in 1992. They r very very very good. They must be kept @ all costs. Jese will be very good (called up a few times to castilla, born in 1993). Alex Fernandez is okay but other teams have not really tried to go after him. Now, Mou will coach for 2 more seasons. He will do whatever it takes to get a CL title. When Mou leaves i really hope we can start integrating the young RealMadrid. Also, why did Madrid get Coentrao, will Marcelo or DiMaria be sold. This is frustrating. Now, i propose something crazy, sell Pipita+Benz. Get Llorente + a CB. With the extremely talented+deep midfield Madrid has, your striker does not need to have great foot skills, also, Llorente=cheaper than Aguero. + would really be a nice sign to Spanish Madrid fans as there would be another spanish international on the team. Callejon,+Morata would back him up, CR7 too @ times(depends the situation), + DiMaria as emergency striker. Now, Sahin was bought for cheap, he might be Alonso's replacement when he ages. Or he could be sold for more in the january transfer window. Callejon=very very poor man's cr7. can play on the wings or striker. Canales=very very talented. He'll probably be loaned out or sold with a buy back option, 5% chance of being sold without buyback option. I don't mind him being sold as long as Sarabia is kept + promoted 2 first team. Also, Leon,Lass,+Gago will be sold. Granero should be kept. The only time we will ever really need a brute defensive midfielder is against Barca. Pepe can do that. Most likely to be sold:Gago,Lass,Leon, one of or both Pipita+Benz, maybe Garay(rumoured to be in the Coentrao deal). Loaned out: Canales. Altintop is a utility player on a free transfer + i would not be surprised to see him being sold in January, if not, a player who can fill many backup needs, think Adriano in Barca. Last but not least, Kaka. Will he be kept or sold? The ultimate question. I think he will fetch 40 million euros at most in the transfer market. If he stays he is good for depth + a super sub. But, he hinders the development of sarabia,canales + even sahin. Will be interesting to see what happens. I wouldn't mind this: Out:Lass,Gago,Adebayor,Leon,both Benz+Pipita,Canales. In:Llorente,a CB(Mertesacker any1?),bring up Morata,Sarabia, maybe Joselu too. Lastly, if Coentrao is really coming to madrid, Marcelo might leave, or DiMaria. I think Marcelo would be the odd man out though. Him + coentrao r so similar in terms of on the pitch ability. As a Spanish Madrid fan I am angry, as a Madrid fan, i am not so angry. Right now, our depth is might be too strong. We could make like 3 teams with our players right now + they would be top 4 teams in EPL or La Liga. Real Madrid's depth right now = some1 going insane on FIFA '11(video in the transfer market.


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