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SIR DICKMOUTHINHEAD shut up you mug and stop living on what your club did 20 plus years ago. Do your sums and research you moron. In the 70s and 80s LIVERPOOL FC was funded by the cash rich Moores family through their Pools and catalogue empire whilst other clubs had to make do with gate money etc. Your a total tit Benitez actually spent more money than Mourinho for example Gerard Houllier spent 200 million too so i suggest idiot Liverpool fans like you are in no position to talk as you were buying titles and Euro trophies way before any other club in Europe. Your club was happy enough to accept 50 million of Roamns money. Further research will show that Juve are funded by the family that ows Fiat the italian car giants, Ac Milan Berlusconi the prime minister and media mogul and Inter the moggi family brewery tycoons. Psv Eindhoven are and have been since long before the arrival of Abramovich funded by Electronics giants PHILLIPS. Do you think Barca aquired David Villa, Affely, Alaves etc for free you mug? and everybody knows that Real madrid are constantly having debts removed by the royal family of Spain. Oh and I see you have allowed Manchester City the worlds richest club to escape criticism. Ronaldo,Kaka, were bought for more than Chelsea have spent in the last four seasons and thats before I add Ozil,Carvalho,Kadehra,Marcello,Pepe, Higuian,Benzema etc on and on shut up get over teh fact your club has declined into a has been club with players who will never taste the glory of league titles in their own country. VAGABONDS? don't they walk the merseyside streets with the car thieves and house breakers self pity city should move on oh and by the way what peanuts did Liverpool pay for Kuiyt,Suarez,Carrol,Maxi,Reina,Lucas and the endless list of foriegn mercenaries who take the money and deliver nothing for the last 5 years. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black you uneducated TO SSER.


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