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The difference between Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney is that he is single and is very upfront about his philandering ways. Everybody knows Ronaldo is a whore. Where as Rooney et al are all married and their wives would at the very least expect them to be faithful. It is sickening to suggest that because he is famous he should not have any ***** morals. Why get married if you wanted to ***** around. People would not be so forgiving if this had been a female athlete who had stepped out on her marriage or if this had been Coleen. Torres is married with a child and another one on the way and even before he moved to England it was said he does not go anywhere without his partner the same is also said of Hernandez also. I think it is a cultural thing in Britain where men here are very loose and will ***** anything with a hole. In some other countries some men don't need to go around shagging everything in sight to be considered a man. But in England if you are not banging every woman around there is something wrong with you or you are considered soft. My brother wants to be a footballer and whether they like it or not they are considered role models these young boys pick up these behaviours, have you seen how many boys think his behaviour is cool how they regard him as the man. If he didn't want to be held up to such accountability then he should not of done all media endorsement or go on magazine and parade his wedding pictures. I have no sympathy for him at all and I support Manchester United.


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