Chelsea boss Ancelotti wants focus

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has urged his players to remain focused on the title following their 7-0 thrashing of Stoke City.

The easy win put the Blues back on top of the league table after Manchester United spent 24 hours there in the aftermath of their victory over Tottenham and the Italian wants the Blues to keep focused and calm in the next two matches.

"It's ours to lose. But that's a good thing. To have a title in our own hands is a good thing,” he said.

"Our destiny is in our hands, so now I am quiet and calm. I am happy because we played very well. It was an important game. We needed to come back to the top of the league after Manchester United's win, and we played very well.

"There was a bit of pressure on us before the game but the team were focused and put in a fantastic performance.

"But we don't need to send a message to the other teams. This is a good message for us. We needed a good reaction after the defeat at Tottenham, and we did that. This is a good message for us, no one else.

"I think United will be able to win their games. They have Sunderland and Stoke, and every game is a different story, but our aim is to win two games.

"I know that, if we win two games, we are champions. I hope we play against Liverpool like we played today.

"They will want to fight against us to reach fourth. That's a very important position for the future of their club."