Chelsea boss Ancelotti reveals Abramovich crunch talks

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed talks with club owner Roman Abramovich in the aftermath of their Champions League elimination.

Abramovich spoke with Ancelotti and his squad at their Cobham training ground on Thursday but the Italian insists it was nothing more sinister than to demonstrate his support for their efforts.

"Roman was here yesterday and spoke with me and with the players," confirmed Ancelotti. "He came here to support us because he knows very well football and he knows that we are involved in important competitions again. So I think his presence here was very good.

"We didn't speak about the future, about the changes for next season, because it's not the right time to speak about this. I said we have important games in the next week and we have to stay focused - all the players and all the club.

"Roman was disappointed and he's the owner of a club that's out of the Champions League. Everyone was disappointed about the last game against Inter. We didn't have a good performance on Tuesday because I said we'd lost the confidence in our play.

"We didn't play like we wanted. I think the players tried to do their best, but we didn't do our best. I have trust in these players, confidence.

"It can happen that, sometimes, we are not able to do what we want. But nothing else. I have fantastic, professional players and we will have a very good reaction.

"We have to train, we have to train every day. We have to maintain a good control of our players. We did very well in this season, changed something by putting a different identity in the team.

"We want to play good football - that has always been our aim - and we did that for a long time. We didn't in the last game, but we want to come back and play good football against Blackburn.

"We have to be strong, sure, and maintain good control of our emotions, but the players have good quality to do this."