Chelsea boss Ancelotti proud of his golden oldies

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti is happy with his golden oldies.

Ancelotti is happy to praise his over 30s club for the way they have performed all season.

He said: "When a player is 30, 32, 33 years old, it's not old. He is a player in the middle of his career.

"Maybe 20 years ago when I finished my career at 33 I was an old player. Now training has improved, there is more prevention, and so the career of a player is longer."

Chelsea's 'old boys' include Juliano Belletti (34), Ricardo Carvalho (31), Frank Lampard (30), Michael Ballack (31), Nicolas Anelka (30) and Didier Drogba (31).

Ancelotti had a similar troop of mature players at AC Milan - Paolo Maldini played till he was 40 - and he is a big fan of experience.

He said: "A player in his 30s is in his prime. They have experience and personality. I think this is the best moment of their career.

"I don't think that every player can go on like Maldini at 40 years old, but until 35, a player can be at their best."