Campbell urges Arsenal to strengthen with experience

Sol Campbell has urged Arsenal to strengthen its squad with experienced players.

Sol Campbell has urged Arsenal to strengthen its squad with experienced players.

The 35-year old defender, who joined the Gunners in January after a brief hiatus, says that the youthful exuberance of the majority of the squad will not be able to go the distance to win titles and has called on the club to bring in qualified players to provide more depth.

"There was a chance of winning the title,” Campbell said of the season gone.

"With eight or nine games to go we had a chance, there was a bit of a sniff.

"Injuries didn't help for sure. Key players like Van Persie and Fabregas. They really hurt us.

"We just need more depth to the side because you're going to have suspensions and injuries and you can't keep relying on 13-14 players because once you have three or four injuries you suffer.

"By the time you get your players back again you could be six, seven or eight points adrift. And also the more experience you've got throughout the side it just shares the load during the season and the level doesn't drop.

"At Chelsea they've got a big squad so the level hardly drops if they've got one or two injuries.

"You need experienced players who have been through all the scenarios in the season. You cannot beat it,” he added.

"In certain situations in a season it gets a bit sticky and you just know to focus your mind and get through it.

"There are times when you need a vital win in the league or to get into the FA Cup final. Players on that level who've got that kind of experience behind them - they are so valuable.

"We had a few injuries and suffered for it. At the back-end of the season we needed a few more experienced players on the pitch. It would have been a different end to the season for sure."