Campbell: Injuries cannot be used as excuse by Arsenal players

Sol Campbell says Arsenal players cannot use injuries as an excuse next season.

The veteran defender believes that the current squad must dig deeper to earn success next season.

"We have had some big, big injuries which hampered us for sure in some key positions," Campbell told "But next season the players have to respond.

"We have a responsibility to give 100 per cent in every game and go for it. That's the Arsenal way, that's the only way really to play football - to go for it and play to win. The gaffer prepares the team to win and we've got to step up and deliver."

"I think football has changed, but one thing is never going to change and that's the ingredients you need to win championships and cups.

"You can be 16 years old or 40 years old but you still need the strength, the power, the skill, the intelligence, the desire, the heart and the soul. You need all those things to become a top sportsman."