Bellamy: No Man City pressure because of Mancini arrival

Craig Bellamy has denies Manchester City players are under more pressure at Eastlands following the arrival of Roberto Mancini.

"I have heard people saying we are all on trial now that Roberto Mancini has taken over at City," the 30 year old told the Daily Mirror.

"But at a top club, you are always on trial. If you don't play well, there will be somebody there to come in and take your place.

"I play for my three kids more than anyone else. I want to try to set them an example.

"All I can do is give my best and see where that takes me."

While he is a fans' favourite at Eastlands, he also revealed that he gets spurred on when opposition supporters boo him during a game.

"When fans boo me, it gives me something extra," he added. "It gives me such a lift.

"It makes me want to embarrass a player or score a good goal or close down when I don't need to close down.

"My aim then is to try and upset the fans as much as I can.

"Bravery is getting on the ball and showing the crowd you are not afraid to make a mistake. That's what I try and live by.

"If I am having a bad time, I get on the ball as much as I can. Me being annoyed is nothing personal.

"It's what gets me motivated. I've tried to be quiet and if I'm quiet with my mouth, I'm quiet with my feet."

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