Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini was delighted with last night's 2-1 victory Napoli.

"Tonight I am happy because I saw two great teams on the field and we won," the fiery patron told Sky Italia. "The side won me over and did the same for all the fans. We need patience and I fully admit I have always been short on supply.

"This evening we were without Amauri, Fabrizio Miccoli, Giulio Migliaccio and Mark Bresciano, yet we still put in a great performance with the so-called reserves."

Giovanni Tedesco bagged a brace to fight back from Mariano Bogliacino's opener for Napoli, but Zamparini couldn't let the game go by without at least a little niggle at his players.

"If everyone had Tedesco's spirit then Palermo would go far. He is from this city, born and bred, so he gives it a little extra. I didn't even think at his age he could play from the start anymore, yet look what he did. I had to compliment Colantuono for picking him."