WORLD CUP: Brazil find form to see off brave North Korea

Brazil deserved their 2-1 victory over a North Korea side who made one of the tournament favourites work hard for the three points.

Brazil deserved their 2-1 victory over a North Korea side who made one of the tournament favourites work hard for the three points.

Brazil have appeared at every World Cup and this clash pitched the highest ranked team in the competition with North Korea, the lowest ranked.

Yet at the end of a scoreless first half the difference in pedigree between the two sides was hard to determine.

North Korea were marvellously marshalled at the back as Brazil dominated for long periods, yet were limited to long range efforts.

Man of the Match Robinho was always Brazil’s biggest threat and the best chances all fell to the Manchester City player but Korea had their moments on the break with lone striker Tae-Se Jong catching the eye.

Brazil looked frustrated as they walked off at half time but got the early goal they needed to relax and turn on the style.

Sisenando Maicon charged own the right, broke into the penalty area, and from a tight angle swerved the ball between keeper Myong-Guk Ri and the near post.

If Brazil gained in confidence from this goal, suddenly knocking the ball around with confidence and finding gaps in their opponents defence, North Korea began to look ragged and their neat passing game disappeared.

The Samba kings doubled their lead when the outstanding Robinho played a wonderfully weighted ball into the path of Blumer Elano who finished clinically with 19 minutes remaining.

Credit to the North Koreans for not giving up and late on Yun-Nam Ji burst clear and lifted the ball over the advancing Soares Julio Cesar.

This ensured a couple of nervy minutes for the Brazilians before the final whistle.

However, on their second half performance Brazil, and Robinho in general, set down a marker to the tournament that they are beginning to find their flair and form.

Starting Line-Ups


1. Soares Julio Cesar
2. Sisenando Maicon
3. Ferreira Lucio
4. Silveira Juan
6. Fernandes Michel Bastos
5. De Carvalho Felipe Melo (Ramires, 84)
8. Gilberto Silva
7. Blumer Elano (Daniel, 73)
10. Ricardo Kaka (Nilmar, 78)
11. De Souza Robinho
9. Clemente Luis Fabiano


12. Heurelho Gomes (GK)
22. Alexander Doni (GK)
13. da Silva Dani Alves
14. Anderson Luisao
15. Emiliano Thiago Silva
16. Da Silva Gilberto
17. Anunciado Josue
18. Nascimento Ramires
19. Cesar Julio Baptista
20. Jose Kleberson
21. Honorato da Silva Nilmar
23. Libano Batista Grafite


1. Myong-Guk Ri
2. Jong-Hyok Cha
13. Chol-Jin Pak
4. Nam-Chol Pak
5. Kwang-Chon Ri
11. In-Guk Mun (K-I Kim, 80)
3. Jun-Il Ri
8. Yun-Nam Ji
10. Yong-Jo Hong
17. Yong-Hak Ahn
9. Tae-Se Jong


18. Myong-Gil Kim (GK)
20. Myong-Won Kim (GK)
6. Kum-il Kim
7. Chol-Hyok An
12. Kum-Chol Choe
14. Nam-Chol Pak
15. Yong-Jun Kim
16. Song-Chol Nam
19. Chol-Myong Ri
21. Kwang-Hyok Ri
22. Kyong-Il Kim
23. Sung Hyok Pak

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